1/4 of the band "FAMSET" the Artist formally know as Bump Tunez was born in Long Branch, NJ on July 31st 1989. Growing up he would listening to artist such as Micheal Jackson, The Fugees, Notorious B.I.G etc and grasp inspiration to make music of his own. At the age of 11 he was writing his own music, and always told his grandmother " Im a be a star 1 day ".Now at the age of 21 he is more focused then he has ever been and is more than ready to make his dreams a reality. "
Wendesday 💕🙈😳😍 asimmions
I gave these crackers a year an 7 months of me. Time I could never get back. That chapter is over. Time to move forward. #iwillwin
Justice 💕
Gooning 🎎
Young sluty ✊💥🎈🔫
Wednesday 💗 @kehlanimusic cloud 19 is on iTunes now 💯🙏
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